“I have a wife and two children; a one year old and a two year old...We were offered $3,300 for our space, but after emailing it to Brett and Ashley, they actually told me that number was a little bit low for a production company and that I should inquire about an increase... Well needless to say that $3,300 offer went from that to $5,400 in two weeks for the same number of days and hours.”


“We have consistently made our rent for 6 months and been able to profit. And now in our 2nd location, we haven’t even been open a month, and every single day we get a new booking!”


“Both Krystal and I were able to take the Your Income Space coursework, actually I ran and Airbnb business for servers years, which was really successful...But with the law changes in Los Angeles we really had to look for others ways to maintain our lifestyle...We were able to do the coursework and it literally walked us step-by-step on how to make an income space with what you had.”


“When I first got into the vacation rental business I was looking for a way to generate additional money on a monthly basis to supplement my cooperate income...just talking with Brett and Ashely they shared with me their venture into that world and the success that they were having...That was very motivating to me.”


“I took your course about a month ago and I had heard about short term rentals and I know from a video production perspective that vacation rentals are in high demand. I just wasn’t sure about how to go about doing it, so I took your course and I did have some convincing to do with my partner and husband but after taking the course he was one hundred percent supportive...we’re so excited about it!”


“I could not figure out how to put in the time and give the time to other career aspirations I’m building a different business that I’m actually passionate in. I was stuck in this place of how do I take this leap of faith that’s going to allow me the freedom to do...That's when I came across Your Income Space, as soon as I started the courses I gained the motivation the confidence that I could turn my home into an income source...”


“I’ve been an Airbnb host for a while, and here in New York City there’s a lot of competition so that’s really driven down rates a lot. So I really wasn’t making as much money as I  used to and I was looking for different ways to supplement my income by using my home. So I came across their ad on Instagram, signed up for their course and really found the information to these super valuable and very informative...My first booking was with a Netflix producer!”


“So when I first came across the Your Income Space ad on Instagram I was super impressed by the fact that you were shooting that ad in the actual space that you are leveraging for everything you were talking about. It really gave me a perspective of imagery of what you guys were using in order to achieve your incredible success.”


“So when I signed up for your class I actually just sitting on the bed scrolling through Instagram and of course I ran across your ad. So I had no idea, never heard of you took me to a webinar and I watched your webinar and I was blown away! Your fifteen minute timer helped me make the decision right then and there to purchase your course...I started to get more increase about using my space or renting the space!”


“I signed up for Your Income Space because I’m an Airbnb operator and I had a couple properties that were doing well on Airbnb, but I was looking for a way to diversify because the market was getting a little saturated with other operators...Went through the program and put both the properties on the platforms through Your Income came in handy right on time!”


“One of the things that I learned from your class is to do something that’s unique, something that’s different...I’m really appreciative of your class and for giving me the idea to do something fun and unique here at my place!”


“I’m super duper happy just to be making this video just to literally share with you guys the benefit of this course. If you’re interested in maximizing your benefits of your space I advise that you take this course. Literally they help you from step A to step Z, from one to infinity! That’s how much they help you!”


“I signed up for the Your Income Space after seeing an Instagram ad, and that was probably early January, and I was already interested in doing some sort of location rental space. I didn’t realize I could use my home for something like that...After taking the course I dove right in, my first confirmed booking came about five weeks after!”

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